Why sell my house for cash?

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-They say “cash is king” and that a cash offer is the best offer to get, but WHY?
Cash buyers are generally speaking, much easier to close successfully but much harder to find. What are the advantages to selling your house to cash?
1) Sell your house fast – cash closings can happen much quicker than conventional and government sponsored loan programs that are so common these days.
2) Sell your house that needs repairs – cash buyers do not need to jump through the hoops that lenders require. Remember, the lender wants peeling paint, code violations, safety violations, loose stair railing, inadequate electrical or plumbing issues, heck – even a crack in a sidewalk or garage – fixed!
3) Cash buyers never ask for you to pay their closing costs, as financed buyers will.. more money in YOUR pocket!
4) Cash buyers will generally skip the appraisal. Again, a hiccup for closing with a financed buyer, since a low appraisal may force you to take less for your house.
5) Cash buyers in Midland, Saginaw and Bay areas may skip the inspection process. This is where home sellers are required to repair both minor and major repairs from peeling paint to a major roof, furnace, A/C or septic and field replacement!
6) It’s not uncommon to have a last minute “glitch” in the financed sale. A buyer can lose a job, apply for a furniture loan thus lowering their credit score, have a last minute collection or old income tax issue arise days before you go to close your house and collect a big check. This means that your “sold” house is back on the market again!
When you are looking for a house buying company to pay cash for your house, it may seem that you are getting a lower price but in reality you may be avoiding expensive home repairs, financing points, high commissions, costly delays and more utility, property tax and insurance costs – not to mention months more of interest or house payments.
For a fast, cash offer on your Midland, Saginaw or Bay home please call us at Princeton -Properties Inc. for a fast, no hassle sale of your home.
We would love to turn your unwanted inherited, vacant or unmaintained home into CASH for your home!!