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Sell My Inherited House in Midland, Bay or Saginaw County

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If you have been put in a position where you are expected to sell an inherited house, you are facing some tough decisions. Do you fix up the home, hire a real estate agent and try to sell for cash? Do you try to sell the house as is? Do you hire a house selling company? Do you call a We Buy Houses sign and hope for the best? Does

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How to Sell a House Fast in Saginaw and Midland Counties

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When thinking of selling a house, most people don’t realize they can actually sell a house fast by taking some extra steps and do some real estate research.

Mich. Redemption Period – Options?

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Many Saginaw, Bay and Midland County homeowners have found themselves in a situation that unfortunately ends in foreclosure. In Michigan, the process takes months and sometimes, even years for the foreclosure process to finalize in a homeowner being forced from their home. Fortunately, these homeowners do have rights – on the flip side of that, so do the lenders, sometimes they are used to the lenders advantage – which leaves

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How to Find a Cash Buyer For Your Saginaw and Midland Counties House

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When looking for a buyer, always do an extensive search and find all options before making a decision. This will ensure that you will end up selling your house to a person you trust.

Selling a House As Is

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Some owners may be financially strapped and unable to make the major repairs required to sell in peak condition. Others consider selling a house as is to get a fast sale.

Selling a Home for Cash in Saginaw and Midland Counties

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When homeowners put their house on the market, whether with the aid of realtors or by themselves, they want to know they’re getting the best for their property.